Monday, December 31, 2012

My Perfect Bloody Mary

It's no secret that my favorite cocktail is the Bloody Mary.  Here's how I like to drink it.

Main Ingredients
1 1/2 oz Vodka (you're favorite kind)
8oz Bloody Mary Mix (Zing Zang, or Mr. & Mrs. T)

Garnishes (optional)
Pepperoni slices
Sliced Peppers (green or red...whatever you have on hand)
Stuffed Green Olives
Celery Salt
Dill Pickle
Lemon Wedges
Lime Wedges

Fill glass with ice.  Mix Vodka and Bloody Mary Mix.  Add a dash of celery salt.  Garnish with any or all of the optional ingredients listed.  Enjoy!!

When I make a bloody mary, it's like an appetizer...I put all sorts of garnishes in it.  I never heard of using dill pickles, but apparently some people do.  I will definitely have to try that since I love dill pickles.  Taste of Home had a post on their Facebook page about blood marys. 

Note: Substitute tequila for vodka to make a Bloody Maria.

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  1. Hi Rae,
    Thanks for stopping by, your Bloody Mary looks awesome. Hope you have a very Happy New Year!
    Miz Helen